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Plastic Surgery Videos: 4 Reasons Why You Need Them

Plastic surgery videos are a powerful sales and marketing tool because they can be both informative and entertaining at the same time.

Most people would rather watch a video than read information on your company website. Let's face it, video content is in high demand and we don't see that changing anytime soon.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments are all about visual appeal, and videos are the most captivating way to show off your skills and industry knowledge with potential patients online.

The number one reason why you should start creating plastic surgery videos is because videos have a higher conversion rate.

Videos on your practice's website can increase your consultations and videos on social media encourage more inquiries, scheduled consultations, phone calls and requests for directions to your practice.


Every plastic surgery practice needs videos because they allow you to provide detailed information about your practice's procedures, processes, and results to your audience which helps people at different stages of their decision-making process.

As a Plastic Surgeon, you're expected to provide relevant, valuable content that’s authentic to who you are and what both you and your practice stand for.

Video content is essential for growth at your practice and is extremely effective at conveying complicated messages in a way that educates patients, demonstrates complex procedures and treatments, and ultimately increases brand visibility.

So, before you can start using video effectively in your plastic surgery practice, you need to understand why video works.

Videos Simplify Complicated Topics


Plastic Surgeons are highly educated individuals who usually have a lot to say about what they do because they're very knowledgeable about it. That is exactly why most patients need a more visual and simplified medium to understand complicated treatments and procedures.

Instead of using thousands of words in an article or printout you can simply use video and add visual elements like before and after images and demonstration graphics to support what you're saying. Video is the perfect tool for simplifying complicated topics at your plastic surgery practice.

Patient Testimonials Work Best As Videos


Okay, let's view this from your patient's perspective for a second. Imagine you need liposuction, a procedure you consider to be quite complex. What's the first thing you'd do before deciding on a plastic surgeon?

I'm pretty sure you'd do some research to see what patients are saying about their experience and you'd check out patient's results or before and after photos before choosing a plastic surgeon. Patient testimonial videos are extremely effective and can significantly boost conversions on your practice's website.

There's nothing more powerful than having a happy customer talk about an amazing experience at your practice.

Video Content is Highly Entertaining


Just think about how many hours a day you spend on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube watching videos. There's no doubt that video is a captivating and entertaining platform.

Plastic surgeons need to find new ways of attracting new patients and reengaging existing patients at their practice. Video content is the perfect tool for captivating an audience online.

Further down in this post I'll share a few ideas that you can use to start engaging your audience with entertaining plastic surgery videos.

Videos are More Real & Honest

Videos are very powerful because they open a digital window into your practice and have the power to give online users a virtual snapshot of what they might experience once they walk through your front door.

Videos are hands down the most authentic content marketing medium available. Even though they can be modified they are still more authentic than text because they have the human element.

Here are 6 Plastic Surgery Video Ideas: 1. Motivational Patient Videos

If you've ever used Pinterest to save inspirational photos of clothes, homes, furniture, art, or cars, this works the same way. Use videos to inspire your patients to book appointments with you in order to get their dream look.


As a plastic surgeon, you have the gift of being able to help your patients restore their self-confidence and change their perspective about themselves; you have the unique opportunity to use videos to inspire hope.

Channel all that emotion, intelligence, and kindness into inspiring video content that can make a real impact on their lives. You can also consider 'welcome to our practice' videos and staff bio videos as well as office tour videos to add an inspirational touch to encourage more patients to visit your practice.

2. Responding to Frequently Asked Questions

Host an ongoing FAQ series. Yes, these are very common video posts, but your competitors are doing them for a reason, and that's why you should too. They work!


Encourage patients to submit their questions to you on social media or if you don't have enough followers simply create questions on your own and start responding to them with videos.

Use videos to respond to their questions and share your expertise and industry knowledge with them. Some questions may even require a fun visual demonstration – so get your staff involved too, get creative with it!

This is a great way to get feedback from your patients in order to understand what questions might be affecting their decisions to do business with you.

3. “A Day in the Life” Video Series


Let your audience feel more connected to you by involving them in your day-to-day experience as a unique Plastic Surgeon. Hey even I'm curious what that's like and we work with them all the time. Each provider is different and each experience is unique enough to share a captivating documentary-like experience with your audience.

If you're camera-shy, consider switching perspectives and share what your patient experience is like through video storytelling.

This time of authenticity and relatable content can work wonders for your brand. Followers LOVE to content with brands that promote that humanistic element.

4. Procedure Demonstration Videos


Most people are skeptical about procedures and demonstration or 'how to' videos are the perfect way to educate your audience on new procedures and restore confidence in your ability to do them effectively. Make a list of all of your services and consider creating demonstrations videos for each of them.

5. Interview-Style Discussion Videos


If you need additional content ideas consider hosting video interviews with your patients or your staff. This is a great way to encourage video engagement, open up new conversations with your audience and collaborate with others.

Get with your team, or content marketing specialists to determine conversational video topics that would be great to create and share with your audience.

6. Patient Stories or Testimonial Videos

Patient testimonials are extremely powerful videos. They build trust, promote credibility and attract new patients to your practice. Patient testimonials videos are essentially 24/7 referral content that's consistently available and spreading the word about your brand. An effective way of inspiring others and drawing new patients into your practice is to showcase a patient story.

Do you need help putting these tips into action?

Our team of content strategists, content creators, and creative marketers would love to help. Book your free virtual consultation with us at any time.

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