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We Help Medical & Aesthetic Brands

Create Better Content.

Content should captivate your target audience, connect them to your services and convert them into repeat customers. This is our goal here at Visual Vybz Studios.


Successful brands prioritize content marketing, this strategic shift not only attracts more customers but significantly improves customer retention. Content marketing has proven itself to be the most profitable online marketing strategy available today.

Our highly personalized content marketing services eliminate the stress and guesswork involved in trying to create content on your own. We do all the heavy lifting, strategic planning, content creation, and content marketing required to grow and scale your medical aesthetic business.


Save time and get more value from your online marketing investment with a top-rated agency partner that's dedicated to your growth and success!

Meet The Team


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Video Editor


Content Strategist

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A bit about Us.

Visual Vybz Studios is a fun mix of some incredible brand designers, videographers, editors, creative copywriters, and marketers who understand the latest industry trends and are obsessed with helping brands become more profitable faster.


Our team is passionate about helping you maximize your impact and minimize your effort with captivating content marketing that works. 



"Helping you create better content that captivates,

connects, and converts."

Hey, I'm Shanice Linton.

I started Visual Vybz Studios to help medical and aesthetic businesses that don't have the time to invest in developing profitable content strategies, creating content, or have no idea where to start.


I love being able to serve different brands with methodical creativity to help them grow and scale their business.


To better serve my clients I launched a 1 on 1 coaching program paired with online courses that teach you how to grow and scale your business with brand and content marketing.

You can find me on the podcast app hosting the Patient Growth Accelerator or catch me speaking at national events like the Global Aesthetics Conference.

I help tons of seriously talented medical and aesthetic professionals; from Plastic Surgeons to Cosmetic Dentists, Dermatologists, Nurse Practitioners, PAs, and Aestheticians.


Our goal here at Visual Vybz Studios is to use strategic branding and content marketing to captivate your audience, connect them to your products and services and convert them into repeat customers at your business so that your will brand thrive online!


"People won’t buy your products or book your services until they understand what you have to offer and how it can improve their lifestyle."
-Shanice L.


Hey, I'm Katarina Sibley.

I am a  videographer, editor, published photographer, and graduate of Ithaca College where I studied Film, Television & Radio with a concentration in Video Directing.


My background expands from operating chyrons to producing visual graphics, directing video teams, and producing and directing multiple short films. I’ve even had the opportunity to produce and illustrate a children’s book. I am blessed to have been mentored and taught so many creative skills that have allowed me to have endless possibilities in this industry.


Video has been my passion for many years and I'm thrilled to be able to provide innovative and creative video content here at Visual Vybz Studios.