Our Story begins with content.

We help aesthetic brands grow and scale

their business online with Captivating Content.


The world is filled with content that people don’t actually want to see. We’re constantly plagued with content that is disruptive, unhelpful, and constantly selling us something —usually with a limited-time offer attached.


This is content marketing at its worst.

Content marketing at its best prioritizes value, education, and engagement. Content should be used to form connections with online users, as an effort to encourage brand trust which leads to more repeat sales and customers.


After working with various different types of businesses across different types of industries, we’ve noticed one thing in common, successful brands prioritized content marketing over paid advertising. This strategic shift not only attracted more customers but significantly improved their customer retention.


Content marketing has proven itself to be the most profitable online marketing investment, but brands that continue to struggle online simply don’t have the resources available to implement content marketing effectively. Visual Vybz Studios was created to help people like you. The busy, aesthetic business with limited time and resources available to do it on their own.


Our highly personalized content marketing services eliminate the stress and guesswork involved. We do all the heavy lifting, strategic planning, content creation, and marketing required to grow and scale your business.


We're the content marketing agency that helps aesthetic businesses enhance their brand and accelerate customer growth online with content creation and marketing services available whenever and wherever you need it. Save time, money and get more value from your online marketing investment with a top-rated agency partner that's dedicated to your growth and success.


"Helping you maximize your profit and minimize your effort with strategic content marketing."

Hey, I'm Shanice Linton.


Founder, Educator, Brand & Marketing Director 

 I started Visual Vybz Studios to help aesthetic businesses that don't have the time to invest in creating awesome content, strategic marketing, or have no idea where to start.


I love being able to serve my clients by using methodical creativity to help them grow and scale their brands. I couldn't envision a job I'd love more!


I offer 1 on 1 coaching and designed an online learning program, that teaches you how to amplify your brand and accelerate your marketing with brand storytelling and strategic content marketing.

You can also find me on the podcast app hosting the Patient Growth Accelerator Podcast, or catch me speaking at national events like the Global Aesthetics Conference.

I work with tons of seriously talented aesthetic brands; from Plastic Surgeons to Cosmetic Dentists, from Nurse Practitioners and to Aestheticians.


Our goal here at Visual Vybz Studios is to use strategic branding and marketing to captivate your audience, connect them to your products and services and convert them into repeat customers at your business so that your brand will grow and thrive!


Our Marketing Team.

Visual Vybz Studios is a fun mix of some of the industry's best brand strategists, graphic designers, website developers, cinematic videographers, photographers, content marketing strategists, copywriters, and social media marketers who understand the latest marketing trends and are obsessed with helping aesthetic businesses become more profitable faster.


We have content creators all over the US, meaning we're available wherever and whenever you need us.


Our team is passionate about helping aesthetic brands maximize their impact and minimize their effort with captivating content marketing that works.