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How to Take Better Before and After Photos

Tip 1: Use Professional Cameras

Invest in a professional camera (we recommend a DSLR camera) in order to take high quality photos. While the iPhone has come a long way, it is still not the ideal tool for taking before and after photos. 

How to Take Better Before and After Photos

Tip 3: Use Strategic Camera Techniques

Always use a tripod to shoot consistent before and after photos of patients. Avoid zooming in and out of the photos, keep your main subject in the picture frame, and have your patients turn 360 degrees to show all angles and perspective of the procedure.

How to Take Better Before and After Photos

Tip 2: Use Professional Photo Lighting

Lighting is essential for before and after photos. Poor lighting will prevent patients from seeing the amazing results that you've created. Make sure that your photo area is well-lit so all of the details of the procedure are easily visible.

How to Take Better Before and After Photos
Tip 4: Pose your Patients Thoughtfully

Make sure that your before and after photo angles are consistent. Be sure to use angles that highlight your work, so take a few minutes to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

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