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4 Medical Video Ideas that Attract More Patients to your Medical Practice

Just being on social media isn't enough. In fact, most medical practices are on social media but are not seeing a significant return on their marketing investment.

There are two main reasons to use social media professionally and that is to connect with your audience by offering value and to strategically use promotions to increase online conversions.

In order to maximize your effort and investment with both of these tactics, you have to tap into the power of video marketing. Medical video marketing can help you attract more patients to your medical practice, here's how.

Video marketing continues to dominate the online marketing industry, and medical professionals are starting to see the direct impact that it has on patient growth and retention. Medical practices need to be careful not to miss out on the opportunities that video content can provide for them.

Medical video content can increase patient consultations, build brand awareness as well as trust, and keep your current patients informed. Here are 4 effective medical video marketing ideas that will help you attract more patients to your medical practice.


1. Medical Video Idea: Demonstration Videos

Both new and old patients LOVE to see process videos, especially of procedures they're considering doing for themselves.

Just like any other form of content marketing (if done well), demonstration videos can help to nurture and engage your audience into gradually making a purchase decision with your medical practice.

If you don't know what procedure to start with, do a quick online search to see what industry queries are trending and use those results to frame your demonstration video content strategy (more on this further down).

You can also create content around medical procedures that aren't getting a lot of scheduled bookings each month. This could easily be related to the fact that your audience and your patients don't know enough about those procedures in order to book them.

Yet, another dilemma can be easily resolved with medical video content.


2. Medical Video Idea: Patient Testimonial Videos

No one wants to be a 'guinea pig' to a medical procedure. We all want to feel some level of security and trust before committing to invest our money or try a new procedure for ourselves.

We all kinda want to know that someone out there has done it before, it's totally safe and certainly works!


I mean. Let's just be honest.

Patient video testimonials are a perfect way to provide the reassurance that your audience needs before committing to a new Doctor, medical practice, or procedure. I know it can be tough asking your patients to go on camera and speak about something very personal, but it will only help others understand the value that they're missing out on.

It's a win, win scenario.

Here's a tip, offer an incentive to motivate patients to give their feedback in the form of a video testimonial but don't forget to get their written consent. Compliance is very important in order to protect both your patients and your medical practice.


Side note: If you're one step ahead and already have a patient willing to give you a testimonial on camera, but they feel nervous and need some help preparing for their first video testimonial. Feel free to share this blog post with them.

3. Medical Video Idea: Q&A Videos about Complex Procedures

YouTube is by far the most commonly used social media platform is known for credibly answering popular search queries on common industry topics.

Again, just being on social media isn't enough and yes that includes your inactive YouTube account last updated in 2008.

People want new, current and valuable video content.

Are you taking full advantage of that?

  • Are you listening to your audience?

  • Are you understanding what questions they're looking to have answered?

  • Are you providing answers to these questions consistently?

Patients love to do research online, so definitely make sure that you're active on social media and that you're showing up consistently with great content!

Medical video content is the most authentic way to demonstrate your skills, your culture and highlight the best results that your medical practice has achieved for similar patients.


Video content is proven to attract more patients to your medical practices and continues to be in high demand. The more they can see, the more they’ll believe in you and your results.

4. Medical Video Idea: Informative Videos

It is important to remember that even though you are an expert at describing what you do, your audience might not always be on the same page.

This is literally your area of expertise, show your audience how well you know what you're talking about, but also consider your audience's knowledge and break things down for them in a way that a regular patient would understand.

This is a great opportunity to highlight those 'not-so-popular medical procedures that don't get a lot of appointments booked. Generate some excitement around these procedures by informing your audience of their benefit.

People won't pay for something that they don't understand.

Tell them what it is.

Show them what it can do.

Tap into the power of medical video marketing.


Are you Listening to your Audience?

Healthcare Marketing is continuing to evolve and so is the demand for more medical video marketing content from medical practices, healthcare specialists, and Doctors.

In fact, studies show that 54% of patients want to see more video content from a brand or medical practice that they support.

Your audience wants to connect with your medical brand, but are you listening to them, and are you creating and sharing valuable information with them through video?

Do you need help putting these tips into action?

Our team of content strategists, content creators, and creative marketers would love to help. Book your free virtual consultation with us at any time.


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