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Quality Social Media Content. What Does it Mean?

Social media is a vital part of today’s technological-driven world, making it more vital for cosmetic practices and MedSpas to prioritize the creation of quality social media content in order to stay competitive online.

Everyone wants to engage. Everyone wants to capture eyeballs, but there is one key question you must always ask yourself: Am I focused on delivering quantity or quality social media content?

While we all dream of the unicorn post that goes viral, also known as a popular post that earns a lot of engagement in a short amount of time. The harsh truth is that building an audience takes time, and building an audience that converts into paying customers takes quality and consistency.

There’s that "C” word again.

The very backbone of effective content marketing relies on two key things:

Quality social media content and consistency.

This means you need to consistently deliver quality social media content that develops trust between your brand and your potential patient base.


So what is quality social media content, and how does this impact the content that you've already invested time and money to create over the years? Let’s dive in.

What is Quality Social Media Content?

Let's Explore the Three E’s of Social Media Excellence:

  1. Quality social media content should be efficient. It should always be aligned with your content objectives and business goals.

  2. Quality social media content should be exciting. It should present something new and aim to engage your audience.

  3. Quality social media content should be effective. It should elevate your expertise and convert curiosity into scheduled patient appointments. If your content does not lead to profitability then it is not an effective use of your time and money.

You may be wondering how you can combine these three E's of excellence into an effective social media content strategy. In this blog post, I've shared 5 content marketing techniques to help you.

Now as we look ahead, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your medspa and cosmetic practice are creating quality social media content. In fact, here are 5 tips to help you:

1. Quality Content is not Cheap

You know the saying, "you get what you pay for?" well that couldn't be more true. If you want quality graphics, photos, or videos, you'll have to invest time and money into getting them produced.

A good rule of thumb would be to focus on social media platforms that have brought in new or existing patients in the past. You also want to invest in content that drives the most value to your business. Video content has been the most effective form of content for years and we don't see that changing anytime soon. If you aren't investing in video content, here are 4 reasons why you should start.

Budget and time should be your priority considerations when determining what type of content to create and which platforms you choose to post and advertise. This is why your social media approach must be efficient.

Begin by setting two budgets: Determine how much you want to spend and how much time you or someone on your staff has to create a sustainable plan. Keep in mind that time costs money as well. If your team doesn't have the capacity to create quality social media content, you may need to consider outsourcing it to a company that specializes in creating content.

This is a worthwhile investment that you'll need to make to ensure the consistent quality of your social media content.


Analyze your Audience

After establishing your budget the next step is to analyze your audience to ensure that your content is aligned with the type of patient you'd like to attract. Who are you marketing to? What age groups? What location? Which products and services? What visuals are you presenting to them? And which social media platforms make sense for this type of person?

Once you have segmented your ideal audience and considered their expectations for your social media content, it is time to start thinking about what content you'll need to create.

Create a Unified Gameplan

Our team here at Visual Vybz Studios likes to plan out content ideas in what we call a brainstorming session, it's usually best to put a time limit on your idea planning and set aside some time for research as well. A unified plan ensures your brand delivers a consistent message that reflects your brand and promotes your business.

All social media posts should point back to your website, your appointment scheduling portal, direct messages, or phone lines. Basically, every post should lead to patient growth and an increase in new appointments.

A plan should include these elements: Content themes, dates for posts, a call to action, and relevant links for posts. A media plan may be integrated into your marketing or strategic plan or stand on its own. Every piece of content should be on point to promote what you do in either a subtle or direct way. Above all, remember to consider the three E's of social media excellence - content should be efficient, exciting, and effective.


Ditch Stock Photos and Stock Videos

Stock photos are a thing of the past and nearly as treacly as the cable romance channels, with only slight variation or diversity depicted. Professionally shot photos and videos will capture your office and procedures in a more authentic way and lets your audience better anticipate outcomes. You may also ask your patients to post their own content which also serves as a great patient referral strategy.

Ideally, you will want to find a photographer and videographer that understands what you do and how you do it. A videographer with experience in medical aesthetics goes a long way in understanding how to properly capture and promote your services and the overall patient experience.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

A new buzzword is driving the market; User-Generated Content UGC. This sophisticated-sounding concept is quite simple. User-Generated Content is the gold standard of quality social media content because it is the most trustworthy type of content usually created by customers who post content to share their experience.

People tend to trust other patients more than they trust brands, so add user-generated content to your overall content strategy. UGC may include a patient testimonial video, satisfied patients documenting results post-treatment, or influencers sharing their experience with their followers.


Consistency is Key

Once you've built a trend around creating quality social media content, you need to make a consistent habit of showing up online. One of the most essential parts of content marketing is consistency and being able to motivate ourselves to keep showing up for our audience online, whether that’s through newsletters, social media, podcasts, webinars, or even blogs. The point is that content marketing will not work without consistency.

Need help putting these tips into action?

Our team of expert video content creators, strategists, and marketers would love to help. Simply book your free virtual consultation with us to get started.


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