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5 Smart Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Medical Practice

There are over 3.2 billion users on social media everyday and nearly 77% of them are more likely to buy from brands they follow online. Are you taking full advantage of that? Always remember that content builds relationships, relationships are built on trust, and trust drives revenue. Here are 5 smart social media marketing tips to boost your medical practice.

Determine your Strategy

This is the most important step because your strategy determines the outcome of your overall marketing efforts. If your medical marketing plan is not completely thought out, you can end up wasting a significant amount of time. Here are a few things to consider when creating your healthcare social media strategy:

  1. Set actionable social media goals

  2. Research your target audience

  3. Establish your most important metrics

  4. Analyze your competition online

  5. Create and curate memorable content

  6. Consistently provide value to your audience

  7. Assess your results and adjust as needed

I guarantee that your medical marketing will be far more successful if you clearly state your goals and plan out how you will achieve them before moving ahead. If you need help developing a healthcare social media strategy, we can help you create a solid plan so that your customers listen and your medical practice continues to grow.

Create Compelling Content

58% of consumers prefer visual content, with their main preference being video. Video marketing is vital to any effective social medial marketing strategy. It provides marketers with an emotionally engaging, versatile and shareable medium to reach consumers.

Even though video content is the most effective medium today, it may be difficult for some medical practices to produce frequent quality video content without the proper resources or team. However, there are several other content mediums that you can still use to connect with your audience, which may be a little bit faster in delivery: audio recordings, blogs, photos, and digital graphics.

Publish Content Frequently

Just like everything else in life, effective social media marketing requires consistency. Once you have developed a routine of planning, curating and creating valuable content, the next step is to consistently share it online with your audience.

Your audience is more likely to convert if you continually engage and delight them with valuable information each week. A good way to develop a social media routine is to create a monthly content calendar; this will work as a roadmap to help your team plan ahead and keep track of your marketing efforts.

Emotionally Engage your Audience

Storytelling is essential to marketing. Determine your medical brand's story and visually project it throughout all of your medical marketing efforts.

Here are a few ways to help your audience connect with your message:

  • Determine the end goal: What do you want to achieve?

  • Present a relatable scenario that speaks directly to them

  • Provide value or a solution to a problem that they are facing

  • Do not oversell or overcomplicate your message, simplicity is key

  • Use visuals that emphasize your message, make it memorable

Promotion Drives Faster Results

Don't just create awesome content, make sure it gets seen. Take your healthcare content marketing to the next level by promoting on social media to maximize your return on your marketing investment.

80% of marketers said that their key strategy is to increase visual engagement across social media channels. The fastest way to increase your content's engagement is to run paid advertisements online.

Social media platforms allow you to be very specific and smart about your targeting when running campaigns, this allows you to filter out consumers less likely to buy and focus on the ones who will.

Takeaway: Be present, be relevant and add value.

I know social media marketing can be a long, tedious process, but when done correctly the results make it all worth it in the end; after all, social media platforms are built for community and engagement.

There are over 3.2 billion users on social media everyday, we need to make a tremendous effort to be present where our customers are... or your competitors will.