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The Art of Visual Marketing Podcast Episode 2

How to use Cinematic Storytelling Techniques to Captivate your Audience

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​Podcast Episode 2 Overview:

“How to use Cinematic Storytelling Techniques to Captivate your Audience” 

Here are 5 Cinematic Storytelling Techniques for Small Businesses that we guarantee will keep your audience engaged with your Marketing and even want more!

1. Follow the Framework
2. Instantly Captivate
3. Pose a Problem
4. Provide a Memorable Solution
5. Leverage Curiosity

Follow the Framework - Consider the cinematic storytelling arc, but first define your target audience and qualify them as an ideal candidate within your story. An easy way to do this is to ask specific questions to them directly.

Here's the standard Cinematic Storytelling framework. Act one introduces the hero, act two introduces the conflict and act three resolves it. For the sake of video marketing, approach each of these acts with [3] simple questions:

1. Act 1: the beginning - Ask yourself who is my audience?

2. Act 2: the middle - Ask yourself what do they need?

3. Act 3: the end - Ask yourself how can I help them?

Instantly Captivate - Create your 'inciting incident' - The trick is to make it short but as compelling as a movie trailer, you can do this by teasing the solution or foreshadowing what is to come if they opt in. Demonstrate your problem in a way that makes your audience stick with you until the end to arrive your valuable solution.

Pose a Problem - The best way to captivate your audience is to make the story about them, try including them within your narrative. Think about what problem you're actually solving for your audience and determine the most engaging ways to demonstrate that in your marketing. (Speak to them in a way that they understand)

Provide a Memorable Solution - Challenge yourself to seamlessly transition from problem to solution. You got this, don't worry.

Make your solution memorable, this is easily the 'climax' of your entire story arc. Get super creative and feel free to emphasize your best selling propositions here. We wouldn't try to squeeze them all in there, but try to focus in on your BEST selling point.

Leverage Curiosity - This is the part where you want to leave your audience craving more information. Hopefully you've done a pretty good job at captivating them so far and now they are ready to take the next step. This is the perfect time to present a 'Call to Action' and that can be anything from 'Learn More' to 'Call Now'.

Let us know if you found these 5 Cinematic Storytelling Techniques for Small Business Marketing useful.

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