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I'm Shanice Linton.

As the Founder of Visual Vybz Studios and Patient Growth Accelerator Academy, I am constantly in the trenches with medical aesthetic business owners, helping them develop new strategies and create captivating content in order to stay ahead of the competition online.

​As a business owner, time is your most valuable asset and my goal is to help you minimize your time spent on guessing what strategies might work so that you can maximize your profitability by creating content that produces quality results.


After all, developing a successful brand & content marketing strategy early on can help you save a  lot of time and money in the long run. 

I have a BFA in film, video production, and creative writing, with over 12 years of creative and strategic content marketing experience that stretches from beauty to healthcare.


I am overly passionate about strategically utilizing content marketing and video storytelling as a tool for accelerated business growth. ​You can also find me on the podcast app hosting Patient Growth Accelerator or catch me speaking at national medical aesthetic events.

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My Story

I’m a British-born, Jamaican-raised immigrant who launched her first business, a Caribbean model agency when I was a teenager and that’s when I discovered my ultimate dream to become a full-time business owner for the rest of my life.


After earning a scholarship to study film and video production at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus Ohio, I moved to the United States to complete my BFA. Shortly after that, I found myself freelancing as a videographer while earning multiple internships in marketing.


As soon as I graduated, I was hired as a videographer at a virtual reality video production and digital advertising company in Atlanta Georgia. I quickly discovered a new passion for content marketing and was promoted to lead the company’s content marketing efforts.


Even though I always believed that my video production degree and background would lead to working in the film industry, the unexpected shift in my career and the opportunities that came with it, opened doors to a different dream.  A dream I had no idea I wanted. 


This is how that dream began.


I took my knowledge of video and my experience in marketing to launch my own video production and marketing agency for plastic surgeons, Visual Vybz Studios. This is the company of my dreams; my passion for video and marketing collided and created a full-time opportunity for me to be my own boss. Visual Vybz Studios is now 7+ years old and our creative team is expanding as we continue to experience more and more growth. 


I have been a content creator for over a decade. 


I mean, the audience may have changed throughout the years but my passion for telling stories hasn’t. Ever since I was a little girl I’d find and tell the story in literally everything! In fact, I received my first video camera when I was 8 years old - I used it to film mini-movies with my stuffed animals and created imaginary narratives for each character. CLEARLY, a lot has changed since then, primarily the shift from fictional video storytelling to commercial video storytelling.


My first video marketing job was at a company called Mettler Toldeo in Columbus Ohio, where I had the opportunity to use my video production skills for the first time in a marketing capacity. That was when I realized that I didn’t have to become a movie director to be successful with a creative video production degree. 


My favorite thing about storytelling is the ability to pull on viewers' emotions. Marketing uses video storytelling in a slightly different way that challenges me. I still get to tell stories that evoke emotions, but now I have to do so in a significantly shorter span of time. For instance, movies have hours to get their message across but in advertising and marketing, you have minutes if not seconds to do so. I love how this among other things has challenged me as a creative video storyteller. This challenge prompted me to make the switch to commercial video storytelling.


So, how did I start a marketing agency for plastic surgeons and medical spas?


I started my second business Visual Vybz Studios because creatives like myself are very often undervalued and unappreciated for our skills in the corporate world, as a result, we are significantly underpaid because of this. So I wanted to create a business that showed my target audience that not only is creative storytelling a necessity for business growth but a very valuable skill that is worth investing in. 


I am driven by my dream of expanding and hiring other creatives like me who have struggled similarly in the corporate world. Creatives in my opinion are extremely valuable because of our ability to think differently, and when this skill set is nurtured it can be very profitable.


I took this passion and found a target market that needed video storytelling, but more importantly, I found a target market that I would come to love working in. Being an entrepreneur has not only helped me understand how to grow and scale my own business but specifically running a marketing agency that supports business growth for several other businesses has given me so much insight into how to serve brands in very unique ways.

To keep my clients competitive and profitable, I had to quickly adapt my strategies and develop a signature process that works. As an entrepreneur, time is your most valuable asset and my goal is to help you maximize your profitability and minimize your time spent on content marketing by investing in effective strategies and techniques.

One thing that I've truly learned from my own business growth and struggle, is that time is our most valuable asset, and if it is not used effectively we will always feel stuck.

Whenever I felt frustrated and stagnant, it was usually because I didn't have a strategic game plan in place to give me the clarity that I needed to move forward. 

I quickly changed the way I approached my process which has now saved me so much time. Time, that I can now reallocate to other business growth opportunities and even personal wellness. Now I empower others on their journey to strategic clarity.

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