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How to Collaborate on Instagram and Cross Post Content on Multiple Profiles

An Instagram Collab post is a feature that lets four users share the same post to their feed or Reels. The Instagram collaboration tool lets you co-author content with other Instagram users, which means that the post will show up on all profiles.

You’ll share views, likes, and comments — allowing you to leverage and engage with each other’s communities. 

This is a great strategy for utilizing makor instagram exposure.

Benefits of Using Instagram’s Collab Feature

There are many reasons why you should create an Instagram Collab post, but here are the top three benefits:

  1. Expand Your Reach

  2. Increase Engagement

  3. Makes Collaborating Simple

Benefit #1: Expand Your Reach

Discoverability is a massive perk of the Instagram Collab feature. With just one post, you can tap into another user's engaged audience and reach more eyes.

Benefit #2: Increase Engagement

Sharing a post between multiple audiences increases your chances of getting more likes, comments, saves, and shares.

Benefit #3: Makes Collaborating Simple

Shared engagement is a game-changer on Instagram, letting you wave goodbye to duplicate content. Rather than sharing the same post across multiple profiles, you can streamline the process and post once — saving tons of time.

How To Invite a Collaborator on an Instagram Post

Now that you know what Instagram Collabs are, it's time to create your own. Here's how to invite a collaborator to a post you're creating:

  1. Before you publish your post, tap Tag people.

  2. Tap Invite collaborator.

  3. Search for the account you want to add as a collaborator, then tap the account. Please Note: you can select up to three users to collaborate with.

  4. After you’ve chosen your collaborators, share the post as usual, and they'll receive a request in their DMs. When they've accepted, the post will also appear on their feed.

Can you do a collab post with multiple people?

You can add multiple collaborators to your post. The person who created the post is the primary creator and they can collaborate with up to three people.

Do collab posts show on both profiles?

To create a Collab post with another account, you need to invite that account to be a collaborator. Once they accept the invitation, the post will be shared from their account as well as yours.

Can you add a collaborator after posting content on instagram?

There's no feature to add a collaborator to a post that's already been published. Use workarounds to edit your published post to include the other person and treat the post like a collab post. With a collab post, enjoy added reach, the ability to partner, and gain followers.

Why can't I be added as a collaborator on Instagram?

Your account is set to private. You have prevented others from tagging you. You might not be following the account you are trying to collab with. The account you are trying to invite does not exist anymore.

Is this a feature you can see yourself using?

  • Yes 100%

  • Meh.. not sure


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