Virtual Consultations: Everything your Practice Needs to Know

Coronavirus is impacting us all on a global level; medical practices need to introduce new and alternative ways to serve and connect with their patients now more than ever.

Recently, we shared 5 Best Practices to Stay Connected with Your Patients During COVID-19.

One of those practices was to Host Virtual Consultations - Virtual consultations are not only beneficial to patients who are uncomfortable scheduling an in-person visit because of social distancing, but they also help potentially new patients who are desperately looking for remote advice from a physician.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to get started with Virtual Consultations & Telemedicine.

Platform Benefits & Options

Today’s patient expects a special kind of virtual care and customer service experience. These platform options will engage patients by allowing them to connect with you more frequently and in a convenient way, resulting in a stronger doctor-patient relationship and increased patient loyalty.

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Consultations

  • Convenience - Your patients can connect anywhere from any device

  • Accessibility - You can share files, images and documents

  • Database - Easily save & record sessions

Options for Hosting Virtual Consultations

Spreading the Word

It’s important to know that choosing & setting up a virtual consultation platform alone isn’t going to solve everything. Remember, Communication is Key!

Here are some tips on how to spread the word:

Let your audience know that you are now offering virtual consultations. Announce it on all of your communication platforms (Website & Social Media)

  • Send out the announcement with links on how to book a consultation via SMS or email.

  • Update your Google My Business listing with a link to schedule a virtual consultation with your practice

  • Create an online assessment form for new patients to fill out before booking your virtual consultation

How to Increase Efficiency for your Virtual Consultation

Be Prepared

  • Create an FAQ document to help you navigate through the video consultation.

  • Prepare your ‘virtual meeting room’ with essential items; including proper lighting, video & audio setup and easy access to any folders & documents. Healthcare providers should create a dedicated space to ensure privacy, and avoid interruptions.

  • To make a virtual visit successful, all parties must be comfortable with the virtual visit and technology being used.

Staff Training

  • Make sure that all your staff are trained on how to use the virtual consulting platform and any associated technologies, along with the entire virtual meeting process.

Follow-up Care

  • Consider booking their next appointment in advance at the end of each virtual consultation. Patients should be given a clear understanding of next steps.

Make Use of Digital Tools

  • Elevate your patient’s virtual experience with screen sharing to share things like before and after images or other information in order to provide a more engaging virtual experience.

We are here to help your practice grow. To learn more about Virtual consultations and ways to attract more patients online and accelerate your medical marketing, book your free consultation here. We look forward to virtually meeting with you!

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