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5 Medical Spa Holiday Promotion Ideas

This is the most important stretch of the year for most marketers. Vacation season is over and as the seasons change, so will the needs of your patients. As a result, your medical spa holiday promotion ideas should be seasonally relevant and enticing!

This is why certain treatments and procedures are booked more frequently during specific times of the year. People’s needs and interests tend to change with the seasons and so should your medical spa holiday promotion ideas.

Have your started planning your holiday campaigns?

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Before the air turns crisp, and the leaves turn brown you need to start thinking about new holiday promotion ideas to get more people walking into your medical spa and booking more appointments with you this season.

You're probably wondering, how can anyone have time to find medical spa holiday promotion ideas that are new and exciting when you're already swamped with patient appointments?

The good news is, that this article will do exactly that for you!

We've scanned the internet for the latest medical spa trends and holiday promotion ideas that have worked well in the past and have added a few new ones of our own and this is what we've come up with.


Tis' the season of giving ...away?

Yeah, we’re talking about social media giveaways. Probably not your favorite medical spa holiday promotion, but definitely one your social media followers will love.

Medical spa holiday promotion giveaways are the perfect way to kickstart a season that’s all about giving. They work well at getting more social media users to follow your profiles, comment, and share your content with their friends in order to win whatever you're offering.

Sometimes giving a little is the best way to get a lot back.

But let's make sure your efforts don't go in vain by adding some rules and guidelines to your giveaway. For instance, you want to make sure your followers do EVERY single task required to enter your contest so that you can get the most value from this holiday promotion.


In order to know what you ultimately want from your audience, you need to establish a goal for your holiday giveaway. Goals can be anything from more social media followers to more engagement and more patient referrals.

If you would like to gain more followers, then hosting a giveaway with requirements to follow your profile would make sense for your holiday promotion.

On the contrary, if you would like to gain more referrals through word-of-mouth marketing then a giveaway with requirements to repost your giveaway and tag a few friends will make sense.

You get the idea.

Sell gift cards now ...redeem them later

For all of those last-minute gift shoppers and those, 'I have no idea what to get my loved one' buyers who need some inspiration on what to get this holiday season -- Why not encourage them to purchase a gift card from your medical spa?

The elation and highs brought on by higher-than-normal holiday spending evaporate with a seemingly instantaneous drop in revenues usually beginning right after New Year’s Day. Gift card sales help during those times. Focus on the sale of gift cards before the holidays and the redemption of gift cards after.


Gift cards are ideal to promote throughout the year for birthdays and work well as Christmas gifts especially since they're typically redeemed in January when there is a decline in holiday sales. You can encourage gift card buyers to redeem them in January to start the year feeling refreshed, relaxed, and renewed.

Gift cards are the gift that keeps on giving all year round.

So get creative and start encouraging gift card purchases this holiday season at your medical spa.

Host a Party and Invite Influencers!

When COVID first hit, we were terrified of going outside let alone, interacting with people. Times have changed, and people are craving social interactions now more than ever. So why not invite your patients, their friends, and family right to your office for a procedure-themed event - like a Botox party?

To get the most value from your event make sure your guest list is strategic. It's all about partnering with the right people. Of course, you want your existing patients to attend but you also need people to post and share about it online in order to bring in new patients. This is where influencers come in.


Influencers are all about sharing experiences, endorsements, and encouraging social media followers to take action. These types of guests will help you attract new audiences, gain more followers, and will give you user-generated content to share about the event.

You'll need to seek out quality medical spa influencers whose audience fits your target customer profile. If you have no idea how to find quality social media influencers for a medical spa then check out this other post where I break down specific things to look out for in order to make sure you get the most value from your collaboration.

Offer limited-time discounts to create a sense of urgency

Medical spa holiday promotions are all about urgency. The holiday season won't last forever, since this is a very competitive time for most businesses you need to consider offering limited-time discounts to keep your patients loyal and attract new business as well. During these competitive holiday months, patients are very likely to choose medical spas that offer the most enticing promotional deals.

Here are a few more specific promotional discount ideas:

Referral program

Referrals, also known as word-of-mouth, marketing is the greatest and oldest form of marketing. It is still one of the most efficient ways to get new patients because they work with little to no effort. Offer a discount or freebie to someone who refers a friend or family member to your medical spa this holiday season.

Referral marketing is all about trust.

When a customer is satisfied and happy with your med spa, they’re more inclined to share their results and experience candidly with their friends and family. Referrals from people we trust are often more effective than other marketing efforts. This type of marketing is a low-cost and nearly effortless way to market your medspa business, special deals, and new services you offer.

12 days of Christmas

Think of it like a promotional campaign where a new, exciting deal or piece of content is revealed every day for 12 days. This holiday promotion may include discounts sprinkled throughout the month of December as you countdown toward Christmas.

There’s a reason that daily promotions work – consumers have come to expect these types of incentives. In fact, according to a consumer study by Deloitte, 81% expect to be swayed by festive promotions. And what kind of promotions? Well, according to another recent study, consumers rank discounts as their top purchase incentive, followed by coupons and deals on popular services.

You can use the 12 days of Christmas to promote new and unpopular services and encourage future sales. This can be a fun, festive promotion that is time sensitive. Given the very nature of its name, the countdown encourages people to use the promotion as soon as possible.

Ready to get your calendars booked this holiday season?

We've given you quite a few medical spa holiday promotion ideas to get started, now it's up to you to decide which of these will work best for your business and ensure that they are aligned with your holiday marketing goals. It's always best to start promoting holiday campaigns as early as possible!

Need help putting these tips into action?

Visual Vybz Studios is a medical aesthetic content creation and marketing agency that helps cosmetic practices and medical spas shine online. Our team of expert video content creators, designers, and marketers would love to help you attract more patients online. Simply book your free virtual consultation with us to get started.


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