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How to Brand Plastic Surgery Videos in 5 Easy Steps

Chances are you’re somewhere between posting plastic surgery videos consistently, and wanting to get in on the action because you’ve seen how well it has worked for your peers. Well, you're certainly in the right place because this article is going to show you 5 easy steps on how to brand plastic surgery videos at your cosmetic practice.

Whether it is Instagram reels, stories, TikTok videos, and YouTube shorts - the world is craving more videos and social media platforms are even redesigning their apps to accommodate for this increase in demand.

So how do you ensure that your videos stand out online when there are so many videos already swarming the internet?

The answer, is video branding.

Branding your plastic surgery videos not only elevates them from blah to beautiful but offers consistent visual recognition and immediate association with your plastic surgery practice.


First, you need to think critically about how you want people to perceive your plastic surgery practice. Branding isn't always obvious, sometimes it can be a subtle, subconscious effect. This is how you should treat the process of branding your plastic surgery videos.

So ask yourself, what do you want people to think when they see your practice on social media?

Write down some words that come to mind.

Branding distinguishes your product or services from others. It helps your viewers to instantly identify your practice online. Branding can spell out your unique value proposition through your logo, color selections, tagline, and the voice and tone of your messaging, videos, and visuals.

Often businesses will create a brand style guide to ensure that their branding is consistent. A brand style guide can cover everything from logo placement on images to font selections that represent your brand persona and so much more.


Branding connects the dots between you and your audience, if it is done right, your brand should be associated with you and only with you. The goal is to ensure that every video that you share online is easily identifiable as yours.

How to brand plastic surgery videos in 5 easy steps:

Always remember that your brand image and identity should remain the same across all platforms, even though your content may change, it must still reflect your brand so that it’s easy to distinguish your plastic survey practice in a crowded digital space.

So how do you do that?

1. Determine your brand identity

The first step is to identify what you want your brand to represent. A good idea might be to brainstorm with your team and think like a customer.

If your customers tend to be primarily women and if that’s the type of sex you’d like to attract then feminine colors, font designs, and messaging that appeals to women would be ideal.

It’s also important to note that branding is not purely visual but psychological as well.

This is how developing a brand identity can really set you apart. Just like the example with apple, they are less focused on color choices and more concerned with the way their brand makes you feel.

Effective branding will not only get your patient’s attention but encourage them to get to know more about you.

Branding your videos essentially helps you establish a connection with new audiences. Connections lead to customer trust and eventually customer growth.

Once you have their attention, patients will take the time to get to know you, to understand your values and the impact you can make on their appearance.


2. Connect your brand identity to an image

So far, so good. You’ve got your brand identity nailed down (I hope!) so now it’s time to think of video visuals. What are some images that may help you reflect the brand identity that you've just nailed down?

Is your plastic surgery practice creative, fun, and friendly? Perhaps bright colors, lighthearted, and fun content might project his type of identity in your videos. Or is your plastic surgery practice more luxurious and conservative? Perhaps more formal and professional content with minimal imagery might serve your brand better.

3. Implement brand recognition within your videos

Consistent use of color in your plastic surgery videos can make all the difference. The primary benefit of doing this is brand recognition. A lot of well-known brands do this effectively by using the exact same color or variation of colors throughout all of their marketing efforts including their videos.

What is brand recognition?

Brand recognition is the extent to which a person can correctly identify a product or service just by viewing the company's logo, tagline, or colors. Brand recognition can also be triggered via an audio cue, such as a jingle or theme song associated with a brand. You see this a lot with repetitive content like a YouTube video series or a show on Netflix.


The goal is to ensure that once your audience sees your plastic surgery videos, there is some element of brand recognition implemented within your content to help your audience instantly recognize future videos from your brand.

4. Add branded fonts & closed captions to your videos.

The default style for closed captions is black and white, but you can further brand your plastic surgery videos by adding your own custom colors. Most social media apps now allow you to do this within their platform but if you need extra help, feel free to book a consultation with our video production team and we'll get it done for you!


5. Stand out online with Branded Video Thumbnails

A video thumbnail offers a preview of what your video is about. It is typically composed of an eye-catching graphic and a short line of copy. Thumbnails are essential because they can drive thousands of views. It gives the viewer insight into what they will see, so they need to be genuine.

The key to letting your plastic surgery videos stand out in a crowded space is branding.

However, all discussions of branding circle back to great content. Think of branding as the carrot and content as the stick. Branding your videos should attract viewers, but your content should keep them engaged.

Need help putting these tips into action?

Our team of expert video content creators, strategists, and marketers would love to help. Simply book your free virtual consultation with us to get started.


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