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5 Ways Videos Enhance your In-Office Patient Experience

Videos can be a powerful, and profitable patient engagement tool especially when they are used to enhance your in-office patient experience.

Not only do patients prefer to see videos of surgical and cosmetic procedures taking place, but they also love to hear what patients have to say about them as well, especially while they’re waiting in your office to be treated.

In this article, I'm going to show you how to use videos effectively to enhance the in-office patient experience so that patients engage with your brand in a more positive and impactful way.


The goal of enhancing your patient experience is to keep patients happy so that they feel motivated to refer others to you and come back for more! By improving the patient experience at your aesthetic practice or med spa, you will attract new patients, and make your current patients feel comfortable at your office. Videos are a necessity for any aesthetic business, and one of the best ways to enhance the patient experience is with in-office videos!

So why are videos so effective?

Consider this fact, viewers retain approximately 95% of a video’s message. It's the perfect tool to educate patients, upsell services, increase patient awareness, engagement, and conversions. With the right content, your videos can be extremely effective at enhancing the in-office patient experience.

How to Enhance your Patient Experience with Videos

Let's explore a few ways you can enhance your patient experience and patient satisfaction by adding videos to your office.

You can play videos in the patient waiting room, treatment room or even send them directly to your patients before or after the procedure to check in with them and give post-treatment tips. It is a great way to save time and even ensure that your patients don’t miss out on any important patient aftercare instructions!

There are many ways you can incorporate videos into the patient experience to increase overall patient satisfaction, which is a big reason why many aesthetic practices and med spas take advantage of in-office videos. Videos not only improve the patient experience but also make your internal processes easier. Here are a few ways to enhance your patient experience with videos.

1. Upsell Services While Patients are Waiting to be Treated

I'm sure we've all been in a waiting room at some point in our lives, and one thing we can all agree to is that they're not the most entertaining spaces. Videos are the perfect way to make these rooms more entertaining.

There are many factors that can impact a patient's decision to come back to your office or even refer others to you. Patient feedback, their interactions with your staff, and their results. Luckily, we can touch on all of these points with videos, while patients are waiting to be seen. Create short, high-quality videos that educate your patients on the different services that you provide, and throw a testimonial video in there to make them more credible.

This can be helpful especially when providers are running behind and need to keep patients entertained. Long wait times can be very annoying for patients, especially if they arrived on time. The ultimate solution would of course be to stay on schedule with each patient, but we're all human and falling behind is natural. So get creative with video and captivate your patients while they wait.

If you have a television or monitor already set up, you can easily play videos of different services and just loop the videos over and over again, the more videos you have in the playlist, the less likely they are to notice. And they hopefully, won't be waiting too long.

You can show an entire treatment from beginning to end, highlight the innovative technology you have to offer, talk about safety, the quality of your services, and even show patient testimonials to emphasize how effective and beneficial your services can be. By showing all of the different services you have to offer while patients are waiting, you'll prompt them to start asking questions and even book appointments for new treatments.


2. Send Post-Appointment Videos to Patients

Patient experience doesn't end after your patient leaves your office. Providers need to communicate with their patients before, during and after appointments to provide them with any knowledge that they need to help them achieve the best results. And as we mentioned before, viewers retain approximately 95% of a video’s message, which proves that video is one of the best forms of communication available today.

You can pre-record a bunch of post-treatment videos to send to patients after the procedure. In these videos, you can improve their understanding of the treatment, breakdown the process, and talk about when they can expect to see results. You can also thank your patients for choosing your your aesthetic business or for choosing you as their aesthetic provider.

This improves the patient experience by showing that you care enough to reconnect with your patients even after they've paid for the service. Additionally, you can record separate follow-up videos for each patient to provide a personal touch (if you have time of course).

If the patient feels that you care about their well-being and are committed to improving outcomes before, during and especially after a procedure, your patient experience will be a great positive one.


3. Use Videos to Advertise Your Latest Promotions

Promotional video advertisements are a great way to communicate new deals with your patients online or in your office. Patients are always looking for new deals and new ways to save on popular aesthetic treatments. However, it can be challenging for patients to learn about all these deals if you don't explore every method of sharing it with your ideal audience.

Investing in creating simple, but captivating video promotions will not only increase awareness of new deals at your business but also increase the exposure of your brand to others. Instead of handing out flyers that most patients won't read, or posting static graphic images online, why not just use videos?

Having a patient read a ton of information from a piece of paper might actually hinder a good patient experience. Videos are usually straight to the point and can be a more entertaining means of communication, especially when patients are waiting to be treated.


4. Videos Can Help With Patient Aftercare Instructions

Aftercare is crucial in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of a specific procedure, especially surgical. A good patient experience relies on many critical factors, like providing patients with the knowledge and resources they need to achieve the best results.

So, instead of giving patients a long list of aftercare instructions they might forget or disregard, you can provide them with a simple video. This is great for all patients, especially visual learners.

Ensuring that all your patients go through the proper aftercare steps ensures that treatment is effective, which will be beneficial for both you and the patient.

As a provider of aesthetic services, you want to make sure your patients leave satisfied and happy. This won't happen if they don't follow proper aftercare instructions, especially when this can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of their treatment.


5. Use Videos to Build Excitement before Appointments

One of the most crucial ways to enhance the in-office patient experience is to ensure that patients actually show up to their appointments. Videos can be used to build excitement before appointments and encourage patients to show up.

When you use videos to remind your patient about their appointment, they are more likely to show up because of how personalized videos can be.


If you plan on using videos to enhance the in-office patient experience, you need to make sure to provide top-quality videos. Plan your videos properly, set goals and objectives and make sure you get some help with filming and editing the footage.

Patients are more likely to have interactions and relate to the videos if they enjoy watching them, so don't be afraid to get creative.

Communication is key in providing a proper understanding between the aesthetic treatment, provider and the patient. So, here are some of the things you need to include in your videos to make them more effective. Sharing just enough information is ideal, but try not to add too many details. Shorter videos typically work best, providing you're able to effectively get your message across.

If the patient understands all the best practices, safety measures, and outcomes of a particular treatment, they are more likely to use the service. When showing videos, try to display testimonials from an actual patient's experience at your office. You can show how much your past clients enjoyed the high-quality treatments at the and how they resulted in quality outcomes.


Videos are an Effective Tool for Enhancing the In-Office Patient Experience

A quality patient experience should be top priority for every aesthetic business, and one of the best ways to boost patient satisfaction is with videos in your office and online.

Communication is key in building trust between aesthetic providers and patients as well as ensuring that your patients are satisfied from their treatments. If you're looking to enhance your in-office patient experience, you might want to consider adding videos to your strategy.

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