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5 Reasons Why Every Practice Should Outsource their Marketing

Every medical practice is always looking for the most cost-effective approach for medical marketing, but here's the thing. - The best way to acknowledge the current state of your marketing for what it is and recognize where it's falling short is to seek help from experts on the outside looking in.

Now, I don't just mean anyone.

Find a credible medical marketing agency qualified with enough expertise in medical branding and healthcare marketing to help you - this is the first step towards leading your medical practice in the right direction, towards growth and success.

If your goal is to clarify your brand's message and attract more patients to your medical practice with impactful medical marketing online - but you have a limited amount of available resources to help you achieve your goal, then definitely stick around until the end.

I am going to address the 5 main reasons why every medical practice should absolutely outsource their medical marketing efforts, simply because it saves you money and SO much time.

Okay, let's dive in!


The Unbiased Perspective

We naturally become attached to anything that we create, and because of that we form a biased opinion of our children, our personal work, but in this specific scenario ... your medical practice.

Yep, I said it.

That's okay, and it's completely normal!

However it may be doing your medical practice more harm than good, here's why.

You understand what makes your practice special and what makes your medical procedures, products, and treatments valuable but can your patients say the same thing?

Is what you do absolutely clear to them? do they know everything that you offer? Do they understand how your practice can help them solve a specific issue that they're experiencing? Is it clear to them that you're the most qualified physician or practice to get the job done?

These are questions that we help our clients answer because it's extremely important that we acknowledge how we're communicating to patients.

This is the perfect moment to introduce the unbiased perspective, aka (a qualified third party).

Find a medical marketing agency to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and consistently communicate the right message for your medical practice.

It is important to do enough research before making a decision on who you'd like to assist you, but I'd highly recommend getting a credible medical marketing agency to help.

Brand storytelling is the key to successful brand awareness and patient growth, so make sure that whoever you decide to hand this essential project to is very knowledgeable and aware of your story, services, value, and your message.


They Handle Everything

Successful brand development and effective medical marketing is a process, a very tedious one I might add.

It involves round-the-clock strategy, planning, quality content creation, design and branding, social media management, online advertising, and performance monitoring.

Just to name a few!

But there's more... Then, you have to learn and enhance your process AND repeat it again and again... and again until you hit your goal.

I know that's a lot to digest.

Especially if you're doing it all on your own or handing it off to someone within your medical practice who has little to no brand or marketing experience.

Now, as intimidating as that sounds my point is that your ideal medical marketing agency will handle all of it and should provide frequent performance updates to bring you up to speed with progress.

I don't know about you but that sounds far more appealing to me.


It's Surprisingly Affordable

Let me address the elephant in the room guys.

Yes, most marketing agencies are a bit pricey, especially if you're going for quality service and great results ..which you definitely should!

No doubt.

But, when you put it into perspective it's actually worth it, and here's why.

Consider the different skillsets, subscriptions, and management services that a marketing agency provides for one monthly fee and compare that to the individual cost of one freelance graphic designer, one expensive video production company, one local photographer, one social media marketing coordinator, an SEM or SEO specialist and a senior marketing manager... you get the point.

It all adds up to an outrageously large figure.

It's getting pretty pricey hiring those individual employees or companies especially if you want a quality team to help you achieve your medical marketing and brand development goals.

Once you begin to compare the two from that perspective, it sheds some light on how cost-effective hiring a credible medical marketing agency actually is.

Exposure, Expertise

& Experience

The 3 E's of Excellence.

Credible Medical Marketing Agencies work with tons of different practices just like yours, whether it's pretty broad or niche-specific. Medical Marketing Agencies most certainly hit all three checkboxes.

We are constantly exposed to different emotional responses from patients and are able to digitally analyze how patients react to specific content and can even adapt our medical marketing efforts to better serve the needs of your patients all across the board. This is also related to the 'unbiased opinion'.

Medical marketing agencies are exposed to so many different practices and have gained the required exposure and experience needed to effectively take your practice to the next level.

No Room for Error

We have to deliver... well it's in our best interest too.

As a medical practice, your ultimate goal is to produce great results so that your patients are so happy that they come back to you over and over again. (Patient Loyalty)

Marketing agencies are very similar, we have to deliver no matter what, our ultimate goal is to keep our clients happy; it's the only way for us to grow or even stay in business.

With that in mind, I can safely say that most credible marketing agencies like us, should keep you happy, informed and should deliver on any promises that they have made to you simply because we have to.

Your medical practice's success should be their number one goal and if it isn't I can assure you that you haven't found the right medical marketing agency.

Every medical practice should outsource their marketing simply because it saves you and your team valuable time, money and provides peace of mind. The kind of peace that brings reliability which then allows you to be more efficient and productive in other areas, while regularly checking in with your marketing agency for performance updates.

Do you need help putting these tips into action?

Our team of content strategists, content creators, and creative marketers would love to help. Book your free virtual consultation with us at any time.


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