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The Art of Visual Marketing Podcast Episode 3

Our Content Marketing Checklist

for Small Business Success

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Shan & Lacy.

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Podcast Episode 3 Overview:

“Our Content Marketing Checklist for Small Business Success” 

Today we’re discussing a very important topic for anyone who has their own small business or is in charge of marketing a brand online. But more specifically, this episode is for anyone struggling to build trust, relationships and increase customer conversions. 

We’ve created a 5 step content marketing checklist for small business owners.

But before we get started I want you all to grab our Free downloadable content marketing guide for small business owners.

  1. Start with a strategy

  2. Decide on a platform for distribution

  3. Choose a Medium that works

  4. Create Valuable Content

  5. Promote your content

Content marketing statistics from CMI show that 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers. And 86% of B2C marketers think content marketing is a key strategy.

So if the marketing experts are clearly taking full advantage of content marketing. Then we definitely need to be applying content marketing to our strategies and tactics as well.


For anyone who isn’t familiar with the term ‘content marketing’. It’s the most cost effective, inbound marketing strategy that can help your business attract quality leads by consistently educating your target customers about your products or services while building awareness of your brand.

So how do we do this?


By consistently showing up online and by providing useful, and valuable content to your target audience.

Start with a content strategy 

Did you know that 63% of small businesses do not have a documented content marketing strategy?


Which means that they are probably spending a TON of time creating content that does not provide value to their customer.


And as a result they are not getting the desired return on their marketing investment or the time spent creating their content.

That can be really frustrating, and we don’t want to waste valuable time creating content that does not help your business grow.


By creating a content marketing strategy, you’ll have a clear understanding of what content to create, you’ll understand why you should create it and get a crystal clear understanding on who you're creating it for. 

So if you’d like to dig a bit deeper into ‘how you can create a content strategy’ definitely download our free content marketing guide.


You’ll find a mini step by step list that will help you complete each of these key points in detail. 

Decide on a marketing platform for content distribution


I know you want to get carried away and publish your brand absolutely everywhere. But instead, I want you to choose an online marketing platform that speaks directly to your target customer and consistently publish to it every single week! 

For instance, if your target customer lives on Instagram or pinterest then focus on those two platforms for content distribution.

Now I know that sounds like a ton of work but I guarantee that it will help improve your marketing results and increase your return on investment.


Side note: If that didn’t convince you enough, visit Visual Vybz Studios online, where we’ll do everything for you! 

Once you have that nailed down you can then move on to researching the best content mediums to help you communicate your message. 

Choose a Content marketing medium that works!

There are so many different mediums to choose from! I will warn you.

This is another step where you can easily get carried away.

I challenge you to choose no more than 3 mediums to focus on. And then I want you to spend 60% of your time creating content so valuable that your target customer wants to keep following your brand for more. Now if you’re wondering what to do with the other 40%, stick around for the final step.

A recent study shows that 58% of consumers prefer visual content with their main preference being video. I’ll link to the case study in the notes below. But I would highly recommend that you make video content an essential medium in your content marketing strategy. Why? Because it’s the most impactful visual marketing medium available and it can work wonders for communicating your brand’s story.

So I'll share a few content marketing mediums with you, but remember to only select and perfect 3 of them. I also want you to think about ways that you can repurpose the same content across all 3 mediums so that you’re not constantly creating new content per medium.


Because that… would be dreadful. And I really want you to spend the majority of your time creating valuable content.

Create Valuable Content

You wanna spend about 60% of your time creating valuable content that your target customer wants. Create content so good that it leaves your audience wanting more! 

But don’t give it all away! Hold on to your good stuff because you still need them to become paying customers.


By creating content that your audience cares about, you’re teaching them about your products and services and generating awareness of your brand. You’re building trust, creating relationships and THEN driving revenue.

If you would like to explore visual content creation best practices a bit further - 

Check out our podcast episode 1 on how to make lasting impressions with visuals or episode 2 on how to use cinematic storytelling techniques to captivate your audience. I’ve linked to them both in the show notes below!

And I also wanna encourage you to download our FREE content marketing guide, because it is layered with step by step solutions to creating content that is effective, valuable and impactful.

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  • Podcasts

  • Blog Posts

  • Ebooks

  • Case Studies

  • Webinars

  • Infographics

  • White papers

  • Checklists

  • Interviews

  • Social Media Posts

  • Gifs and memes

Promote your content

Remember when I mentioned that 60% of your time should be used for creating valuable content? Now that other 40% involves strategically promoting it. What good is your content if no one is able to see it? You want to make sure that your content is reaching the right audience and you also want to make sure that you have provided a way for them to share it online. 

Now if you’ve never ran promotional ads before, I would definitely recommend learning the basics on how to do it yourself and then outsourcing it. It’s important that you have a clear understanding of what goes into running promotion based ads before directing an expert to do it for you. 

And then lastly, I want you to monitor the performance of your ads and improve or enhance your content marketing strategy for next time. Because remember, the goal is to keep showing up consistently.

let us know if you’re enjoying this podcast by leaving a rating and review. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast for more content just like this!

Don’t forget to join us again for our next episode all about branding.

Shan & Lacy. :)

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