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5 Video Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices

In the recent years video has made a significant impact on the healthcare industry and continues to dominate our online marketing strategies today. If your goal is to improve your medical video marketing tactics for your practice, you're certainly in the right place. Here are 5 actionable video marketing tips for medical practices:

1. Captivate your Audience

As the world rapidly improves in technology, customers are spending less time engaging with content that does not grab their attention within the first 15 seconds.

Which means the first few seconds of your medical video are extremely important.

Explore different creative ways to captivate your audience so that they'll be encouraged to watch the entire video straight through to the end.

If you'd like to explore audience captivation further, checkout the second episode of my podcast where we discuss How to use Cinematic Storytelling Techniques to Captivate your Audience:

The trick is to make it short but as compelling as a movie trailer, you can do this by teasing the solution or foreshadowing what is to come if they opt in. Demonstrate your problem in a way that makes your audience stick with you until the end to arrive your valuable solution.

2. Tell a Unique Story

Instead of overselling your medical practice try engaging your audience with valuable content in the form of a narrative relevant to your products and services.

Video storytelling is the most engaging form of video content; If done correctly you'll be able to emotionally connect with your audience.

Every medical practice should utilize the emotive power of medical video marketing by appealing to their customer’s needs.

3. Educate Your Audience

The most effective videos provide a solution to a problem by educating the viewer of something they didn't know before.

Create medical videos that provide helpful solutions or offer informative content that is useful to them.

Your content should be so valuable that your audience wants to share it online.

4. Don't Forget SEO

Every effective marketing campaign should consider search engine optimization.

Google loves fresh video content, so remember to write effective titles, descriptions and relevant keywords related to your content to improve your video's search engine optimization.

This will also increase your search ranking on google.

5. Include a Call to Action

Call to actions allow viewers to further engage with your medical practice after experiencing your video content.

Think about what action you would want your viewers to make after watching your video content.

Encourage them to take action but try not to be too pushy.

Video marketing is forecasted to claim more than 80 percent of all online traffic by 2019 and 90 percent of customer reporting indicates that demonstration videos help them make purchasing decisions.

It is important that every medical practice creates a video marketing strategy that is engaging, informative, valuable and consistent.

If you need extra help with creating medical video content to market your practice , feel free to checkout my medical marketing agency, Visual Vybz Studios where we do everything for you!