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Our Brand's Story

We noticed that there were too many incredible medical brands that were not getting the attention that they deserved online, simply because of ineffective  medical marketing and poor brand storytelling.

We realized that there was a direct correlation between impactful medical brands and story first, visual marketing content. We decided that the best way to fix this undesirable predicament was to provide a strategy focused, creative content marketing service that would help medical brands achieve the desired outcome on their marketing investment  with better visual content.

Great Medical Brands

Tell Impactful Stories.

Great Marketing isn’t about overselling your services; it's about connecting your audience to your brand through strategic storytelling. People don’t want to be sold anymore, they want meaningful experiences with brands -- Which makes them more likely to convert and become loyal customers.

Our mission is to help medical brands increase online visibility, consultations and attract more loyal customers to their medical practice.

“Nothing feels more rewarding than being able to help medical brands share their story and the impact of what they do with the world through impactful visual marketing & strategic video storytelling.


Our unique, creative approach to healthcare marketing goes beyond the traditional agency constraints and is fueled by the latest medical marketing trends. We genuinely love what we do which makes it a joy to serve our clients everyday.


Our values are deeply weaved into our process, the work that we create and the way we communicate with our clients. You'll find an incredibly honest, helpful and personable marketing agency experience where we literally won't sleep unless you're happy."

Meet the Leading Lady.


Shanice Linton,

Founder & Creative Brand Strategist.


Shanice is the Founder of Visual Vybz Studios and The Art of Visual Marketing Podcast. British born, Jamaican raised, she graduated from the Columbus College of Art & Design (B.F.A Film & Video Production). Shanice - a sought-after Creative Brand Strategist and Video Storyteller who specializes in helping Medical Brands enhance their Marketing with Strategic Visual Content. 

Shanice has worked with many brands including Med Spas, Dentists, Organic Retail products and more. She is noted as a Story, first Video Director and Creative Mastermind by many of her clients - She has worked on several commercials, industry films and video marketing projects with a key focus on using emotionally impactful storytelling to connect your audience to your message.


Today, Shanice works primarily in Healthcare with Dentists, Plastic Surgeons and Medical Spas. Her passion continues to lie in brand storytelling and strategic visual content marketing.

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