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We're an Experience.

Visual Vybz Studios is here to help you attract new patients to your practice and retain them for life with a simply strategic medical marketing solution that works. ​​


Most practices are still not taking full advantage of this inexpensive opportunity and as a result are not seeing a significant return on their marketing investment; Because they are missing an essential ingredient for effective online marketing - Strategy & Storytelling.

When combined they form a process called Content marketing which is creating and sharing material intended to captivate your audience, connect them to your brand and convert them into customers.

But that's where we come in.


We're here to help you achieve and exceed your desired outcome on your medical marketing investment.


Did you Know?

  • 80% of patients don’t trust medical brands that overuse stock photos.

  • 75% of patients prefer practices that share video posts and content that offers value.

  • 65% of patients prefer to work with brands that post frequently and are responsive to patient queries on social media.


"Empowering medical professionals to amplify their brand and accelerate their marketing with strategic visual content that builds relationships, instills trusts and drives consistent revenue to your practice."

Our Team

Our medical marketing team consists of overly passionate creative and marketing executives with extensive knowledge in aesthetics and medical marketing innovation, visual brand storytelling and enhancing the digital customer experience. We are particularly focused on developing and delivering the most personalized and impactful medical marketing experience in the industry.

Shanice Cook

Brand & Marketing Director | Founder


Shanice is the Founder of Visual Vybz Studios and The Art of Aesthetic Marketing Podcast. She is a sought-after Medical Marketing and Branding Specialist, Content Creator and Video Storyteller who specializes in helping Physicians, Medical and Aesthetic Practices amplify their Brand and accelerate their Marketing with Strategic Visual Content. British born, Jamaican raised, she graduated from the Columbus College of Art & Design (B.F.A Film & Video Production). 

Shanice has worked with many Aesthetic and Medical Brands including Medical Spas, Cosmetic and Medical Practices. She is noted as a story-first video director, strategic marketing specialist and a creative mastermind by many of her clients - She has a key focus on using emotionally impactful storytelling and strategic visual content to connect targeted audiences to medical brands.

Dina Tawadross

Client Relationship Manager


Dina is our dedicated client relationship manager who oversees our creative, multimedia & communication efforts to develop powerful content marketing, advertising and management strategies designed to drive results. She is an Egyptian born Medical Marketing and Branding specialist with several years of experience working with international corporations, agencies & non-profit organizations. 

She graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Strategic Marketing and Management. She enjoys handling media, public relations and communication with celebrities and influencers for marketing purposes. Dina loves analyzing competitors within health, lifestyle and beauty industries to discover growth opportunities for our clients, and makes a dedicated effort to understand the needs of customers in order to help our clients be more successful.

Better Content. Better Results.

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Our Medical Marketing Process.

Great Marketing isn’t about overselling your services; it's about connecting your audience to your brand through strategic storytelling. Great brands tell impactful stories. People don’t want to be sold anymore, they want meaningful experiences with brands -- Which makes them more likely to convert and become loyal customers.

At Visual Vybz Studios, we’re all about using impactful content marketing and visual storytelling to drive consistent results.


We uncover who your market is, and use value-centered visual content to drive qualified leads to your medical practice through social media marketing, video production and other key medical marketing tactics - then we convert those leads into loyal paying customers.


It’s all about creating impactful online experiences by using content marketing to build relationships; because relationships build trust and trust drives revenue.

We do this by listening to you, in order to understand your specific needs. Then we put our extensive creative, strategic and marketing expertise to work on developing a solid plan that will amplify your brand and accelerate your marketing.


We work with many medical professionals and brands including Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Dentists and other medical practices to help them get more loyal patients with better visual content.

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